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Dukan Diet stabilization PhaseAll right, Dukan Diet helped you achieve your goals, you lost as much weight as you planned and perhaps you are willing to rest on your laurels. Beware! The last battle for your perfect body is still ahead of you. Of course, you deserve credit for your lost pounds and I find your strong will admirable.  But… Do not overrate your abillity to selfcontrol. Not yet. Do not make that mistake. You are on a winning streak but stay focused. Stabilization Phase is a must-do here. Skipping that phase of Dukan’s Program will ruin our entire masterplan. Take it for granted.

Right then, what is this 3rd Phase all about?

To stabilize your current weight you will need to stay in this phase for 9 days per every 2 lbs you have lost during the two  preceding phases (namely Dukan Diet Phase I and Dukan Diet Phase II). In other words if you lost 20 lbs — stabilization will take 90 days, if you lost 30 lbs you will have to stay in the Stabilization Phase for 135 days, and so on…

Quite a long time, huh? Beleive me, it is absolutely necessary to stabilize your weight. Ok?

  • What do you do, what can you eat?

1. You can eat everything that was allowed during Phase I (Attack Phase), i.e.: veal and beef (less than 10% fat, T-Bones excluded :) ), poultry (except duck and goose), all fishes and seafood no restrictions, eggs, dairy (fat free), most noncaloric spices and sauces like vinegar.

2. You can eat all of the vegetables introduced during Phase II, i.e.: tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach,  asparagus, radish, leeks, cabbages, celery (leaves), mushrooms,  zucchinis, egg plant, bell peppers and every type of salad that exists :) .

  • Now, some novelties:

3. You can eat one serving of fruit a day. By portion a mean one apple, two kiwis, two ripe apricots, one big slice of watermelon and so. The only fruits you cannot eat are: bananas, grapes and cherries.

4. You can serve yourself two slices of bread (whole grain!) a day.

5. You can eat 40 g of cheese a day.

6. Every week you can eat 2 portions of starch food (pasta, couscous — 200 g / 7 oz;  lentils, rice, potatoes — 150 g / 5 oz)

7. You can eat lamb haunch and pork undercut. No limits!

  • And now Ladies and Gents! Watch this:

8. You can have two sumptuous (explained here) meals per week! No restrictions but no refills either.

  • And, unconditionally & obligatorily

9. One day of pure protein diet per week (more about one-day protein diet here)

  •  Check out some more about Dukan Diet Phase III: Stabilization.

If you want to leran more about Dukan diet, you can also check-out Pierre Dukan’s book (opens in a new window).

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