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Alcohol & Dukan Diet
March 28th, 2011

Is Alcohol Allowed on Dukan Diet

It’s so difficult sometimes to completely abstain from drinking alcohol during the course of the diet – after all, there are some special events, New Year’s Eve, birthday parties, etc.

As in any diet, alcohol is not recommended while following Dukan’s method. What one should do in such situation? Does drinking alcohol thwarts the effects of the Dukan Diet and does drinking alcohol while following the protein diet is safe for your health?

In the Attack Phase of the Dukan Diet, drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited. One mustn’t drink it during the Cruising Phase as well. When we are consolidating and stabilizing our weight (Phases III & IV), a glass of dry red wine would not hurt, provided that this glass is the only one. For those who are accustomed to having beer in the evening, Dukan Diet (or any other diet for that matter) can be difficult to follow.

How will our body react, if you keep using alcohol during the Dukan Diet? Unfortunately, not very well. Weaned from carbohydrates, the body can be seriously poisoned – the result will be abdominal pain, vomiting, and a big hangover the next day.

Of course, the process of getting drunk runs much faster itself, you may find out that a person, who previously could drink a bottle of wine without any problems, is now completely drunk after having just two glasses.

Alcohol in the protein diet is also a threat to our liver, which is already put under much strain. So if you can, you should better completely refrain from drinking alcohol.

I hope the information provided above has dispelled all of your doubts regarding drinking alcohol while on diet. If you seek further information or would like to read some more insights please refer to the Dukan Diet Secrets eBook.

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