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Gynura Procumbens
April 20th, 2012

Gynura Procumbens Benefits

By Yanti

gynura procumbens

Gynura Procumbens

Gynura procumbens is a herb that comes from Asia, and Africa and included in Asteraceae family that had long used in the region of origin such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand as a traditional medicine for treating various diseases.

Gynura procumbens has a wide range of different nicknames like Gynura procumbens (Lour) Merr, sambung nyawa (Indonesia, Malaysia), ngokilo (java), jian feng wei, bang bing ca (China), longevity spinach, kemangi, gynura affinis turcz, purpuriket, gynura sarmentosa DC,  gynura scabra Lour, Sabuñgai, mollucan spinach, senecio cacaliaster blanco, cholesterol spinach, senecio mindorensis elm, , and leaves of Gods.

Gynura procumbens is an herb that is easy to plant and one way to stem cuttings of gynura procumbens. Gynura procumbens may also be planted in pots as small shrubs. And this plant is widely cultivated in many countries around the world to take its benefits for human health.

Gynura procumbens an annual plant with elongated stems can grow more than 3 meters,  rather soft of trunk, and the leaves are green with leaves about 3,5 cm wide, and 10 cm long,  rather subtle, and varied leaf shapes such as oval, round eggs depending on growth conditions. Gynura procumbens orange flowers with similar size and shape of the milk thistle plant.

Gynura procumbens chemical compounds

Gynura procumbens contain various chemical compounds that are good for health of the body such as protein, iron, alkaloids, ethanol, glycerol, diglycol, abradant, sodium dodecyl sulfate, saccharin, flavonoids, saponins, and tannins.

Gynura procumbens benefits

Gynura procumbens leaves are usually eaten as fresh as the vegetables, some are making it as a salad, cooked before eaten, used as a juice, or too drunk as tea leaf that tastes good to eat.

Because of the wide range of nutrients in Gynura procumbens, then Gynura procumbens herbs used to treat many types of diseases such as cancer, diabetes mellitus, herpes 1 and 2, HIV, blood pressure, hypertension, arthritis, rash, kidney, anti-inflammatory agents, and normalize cholesterol in the body fat, and so on. And how to use gynura procumbens as diseases treatments, among others, are as follows:

1. Sinusitis and sore throat band

Do I take 7 leaves fresh Gynura procumbens to treat adults or 4 bay leaves to treat children, and then washed cling and eat it fresh or used as juice, and performed a total of 1 times a day.

2. High blood pressure

Take a fresh way of gynura procumbens leaves as much as 7 pieces if to treat adults, while children need 4 sheets of leaf Gynura. Then the leaves were eaten after being washed clean, or it could be on the juice, sauteed, steamed, or used as tea and then consumed. Do this once a day regularly.

3. Tumors.

 Take the raw leaves 3 pieces and washed before being eaten as fresh vegetables every day at meal time or used as a juice to drink every day. During treatment with the leaf Gynura procumbens prohibited to eat the following foods pineapple, durian fruit, jack fruit, longan, ice, drinks alcohol, tape, beverage or foods that contain artificial sweeteners and mono-sodium glutamate, salted fish, kale, watercress, chicory, bean sprouts, chili.

4, diabetes mellitus

Take 3 fresh leaves later washed and eaten as fresh vegetables or juice then be eaten every day, and during treatment are prohibited to consume sugary drinks and foods.

5. Lever and high cholesterol

Just as with the treatment of diabetes mellitus but the food is different and prohibited foods that contain fat during treatment.

6. Hemorrhoid.

Just as the treatment of diabetes mellitus but different food taboos which prohibited eating are spicy and fatty foods.

7. Ulcer.

Treatment of ulcer disease such as diabetes mellitus treats disease but forbidden to consume food that is sour and spicy foods.

8. Black ants or be affected by a caterpillar

Method of treatment by taking a fresh bay leaves Gynura procumbens, and then rubbed on the body that itch until crushed leaves and result water from the leaves, and performed 2 times with 2-hour interval from first treatment

With the many gynura procumbens benefits, then make gynura procumbens leaf as a healthy food that is consumed on a regular basis is a good thing to try  as variety of healthy foods that you have collection.




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